Thursday, July 19, 2012

Area Control Guardian (Scepter/Shield/Staff) BWE2 footage - Part 2

The following movie is the second part of my BWE2 footage of my Guardian using Staff/Scepter/Shield.  This one was done mostly for entertainment.  I'll do some commentary style movies for the Guardian with my BWE3 footage.  ATM, I'm thinking I will switch to Scepter/Shield and Scepter/Focus since Martyr is being moved to a utility (and a few other reasons).


  1. Thank you for these videos.

    If you're going to make more, or write more blog posts about GW2, it'd be pretty awesome if you could go a bit more in depth on what traits you chose & why.

    I really appreciated your videos, especially when you explained the reasoning behind certain actions and slowed down the combat to illustrate it.

    Things like which skills you've found the most helpful, which the least, and why you weapon swap when you do is really appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I've held off on talking about traits because I was constantly adjusting things after every BWE. I might try to put out a video on what I was doing but even now I know things are going to change when the game goes live.